Where to find a personal trainer

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Industry Performance. Key External Drivers. Products and Markets. Supply Chain Key Buying Industries. Chart: Business Locations by State. Competitive Landscape. Market Share Concentration. Internal competition External competition.

Becoming a Successful Personal Trainer- How I Did It At 18

Major Companies. Operating Conditions. Capital Intensity. Chart: Volatility vs Industry Growth. Private personal training is a service many but not all trainers offer. This means working with just one client at a time, and as a trainer you may choose to do this exclusively. The benefits are that you really get to know your clients and that you can set your hourly prices to earn what you feel is fair.

FitnessTrainer: Search for a Local Personal Trainer

To get into private training, you may need to start by working in a gym. This will give you experience and help you network with potential clients. As you make a transition to private personal training, consider offering a few free sessions to select first clients.

Going to uni?

This will give you the chance to get good reviews so that you can market to new clients. You will also need to find a space to work with your clients, another good reason to start with a gym job. Also remember that as a private trainer, if you are not affiliated with a gym or fitness company, you will essentially be a small business owner and will need to have insurance.

Beginning your career as a certified personal trainer is exciting.

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  7. Your future is wide open and opportunities are seemingly endless. This can be overwhelming, so weigh your options carefully and take time to figure out what your short-term and long-term goals are for your career before you take the next step. Click HERE to download this handout! Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. What are you interested in?

    Determine Your Fitness Trainer Career Goals Before you make any big decisions, take a minute to outline what you want from your career as a fitness professional. Here are some questions to consider as you figure out what your career goals are: Do you want to work full time as a trainer or will this be a supplemental income? Is your dream to be an entrepreneur or self-employed? Do you want to teach group fitness classes or focus on one-on-one training sessions? Do you have or do you plan to get any specialty certifications, like nutrition or youth fitness? What is your fitness or training philosophy?

    Finding a great personal trainer shouldn't be so hard.

    Where to Work as a New Certified Personal Trainer — Landing Your First Job Answering these questions and setting your occupational goals are especially important if you are new to the business. Working for a Gym Not all personal trainers who work in gyms actually work for the gym. Cruise Ships Take the idea of working in spa and vacation facilities a step further and consider getting a job on a cruise ship.

    Senior Living Facilities The fitness industry is growing in all segments, including for older adults. Community Centers For a really rewarding job, consider looking into local community centers and non-profit groups that offer recreation and workouts training for community members. Here are some of your options: Get a New Specialty Certification A fun way to challenge yourself and to change your occupational path is to get certified in a new specialty area related to fitness. Land a Job as a Gym or Fitness Center Manager Another way to advance your career as a trainer is to take on a job with more responsibilities.

    Take the Leap into Small Business Ownership Take your experience as a working trainer and start your own fitness business as long as you are prepared to work long hours, do all the marketing and invoicing, find places to train clients, and shop around for liability insurance.

    There are advantages and disadvantages of both, and the decision largely comes down to your own preferences: A large gym may be able to get you more clients, sessions, and group classes. You have to do the work! They can tell you to move your squat slightly wider.

    They can guide you through the movement and consistently remind you — even when tired — to keep great form. Compare this to working with a real coach in person.

    Finishing GCSEs or Nationals?

    And then you go. I had some goals that had evaded me despite a DECADE of effort, and it took a great coach to coax out the right strategy. Start training and get results today. Learn more about our Coaching Program! The first session is often exploratory, explanatory, and introductory, and the trainer needs to test your limits and movements to build upon that. The more information you can give them on your progress, the easier it will be for them to alter your program as you go on.

    Not all relationships end in marriages. Trainers who are simply after your money may guilt trip you or beg you to stick around. Try somebody new and keep the search going. Those who have had experience working with Trainers, any wisdom to share from your experience? Start getting results with 1-on-1 Coaching! If you have questions about what you need to look for when it comes to training with a coach in person, or even questions about working with an online trainer, leave them in the comments below so I can chime in!

    Before you fork out some cash for a personal trainer, read this guide! Pros and cons of hiring an online personal trainer. How to hire a personal trainer: next steps. So, start with your goals for finding a personal trainer : Are you trying to lose pounds? Are you trying to get stronger or hold your first handstand?

    Just Got Certified? Where to Work as a Personal Trainer

    Do you want to become a competitive powerlifter? Are you looking to run your first 5k? Do you just want to get in shape , feel better, and enjoy exercise? Expertise in one area does not necessarily make them a good fit in another! Are you new to working out or looking to kick start your first 2 months of training with 2 sessions per week to keep you disciplined? What type of person are you? Do you need more hands-on guidance throughout your workouts, or more space to take ownership and thrive on your own? Do you need somebody who will cheer you on or do you need tough love from somebody to call you on your bullshit?

    How to find a good personal trainer Once you find a trainer you are considering working with, the next steps should always be an in-depth conversation. Click to learn about our Online Coaching program: What are the Signs of a bad personal trainer? The trainer is just interested in cashing another check.