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If your birth certificate is in English, you will have to choose between short, middle and long form. The price of the certified translation depends on the complexity of the layout, the number of words to be translated and the time required to prepare and translate the document.

How to Find Birth Certificate Translation Form Online

The available templates and their legend allow you to better understand the difference between these three forms and choose the correct one for your document. If you have any issues uploading your documents, feel free to send us the files by email. Can't find the right product for your document? Send us a certified translation request through our online form or by email. Please make sure to include the documents you need to have translated along with the target language for the certified translation.

Legalisation and translation of documents

Our translations are recognised and accepted by foreign administrations. You will receive a professional translation, produced by one of our sworn translators:. For any other language, do not hesitate to contact us by email or by telephone! Click here to leave a review. The document was sent by pdf and was translated very quickly.

I received the document ahead of schedule via email and then the hard copy a few days later. Amazing service, will be using again.

Please, login to leave a review. Request a quote. We'll send you a free customized quote - in less than 60 minutes during office hours! Click here for more information. Request for authentication of the translation Please note that Slovenian Consulate in Cleveland does not offer translation services!

Legalisation of documents

Slovenian Consulate only authenticates the translation provided by the applicant confirms that the translation corresponds to the original text. Translations using Google Translate are not adequate!! Completed form for Registration of Permanent Address 7. Completed and signed permission to copy personal documents 9. Prepaid express courier envelope i. Please, do not forget to enclose a cover letter with your contact information, stating what you are applying for, and a complete list of enclosed documents.

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  6. Completed and signed application form 2. Request for authentication of the translation Please note the Embassy does not offer translation services! The Embassy only authenticates the translation provided by the applicant confirms that the translation corresponds to the original text. Calculate Price. We offer total price transparency tranet relies on very simple and transparent pricing.

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