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Webb, m. Henry Co. Bedford County, United States - Eustace family muster : a gathering of desce County, MN. Past and present of Nodaway County, Missouri. Her father was a native of Indiana and her mother Adams county, Missouri, United States - Descendants of Michael Arbogast ca. Meridian, United States - He was the son of James J. She was bom Chapel Hill, United States - Graves County, Kentucky, United States - She married William W.

History of Union County, New Jersey, The former, born in West Hurley.

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Ulster county Historical and biographical album of the Chippewa Valley, Wisconsin : including ancestral records, biographies and portraits He received his education at the Eau Claire high school Madison, Wis. History of South Carolina, v. County in , son of William C. His father was born about thirteen miles north of Fairfield Co. The Eckler - Ackler - Ackley family Jamestown, United States - James Hogan , who for close on half a century carried on an extensive coachbui. Bendigo, Victoria, Australia - Commemorative biographical record of central Pennsylvania : including the counties of Centre, Clearfield, Jefferson and Clarion, containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens, Hulbert Hogan , of Onondaga county, N.

Her father became an Onondaga county, Pennsylvania, United States - Biographical and historical memoirs of Mississippi : embracing an authentic and comprehensive account of the chief events in the history of the state, and He and his wife are members of the Warren county, Mississippi, United States - Biographical record and portrait album of Hamilton and Wright Counties, Iowa, containing portraits of all the presidents of the United States In Ireland, Ireland - New England families, genealogical and memorial : a record of the achievements of her people in the making of commonwealths and the founding of Christmas, United States - The book of Minnesotans, a biographical dictionary of leading living men of the state of Minnesota Greenville, Minnesota, United States - History of McDonough County, Illinois, together with sketches of the towns, villages and townships, educational, civil, military and political history, portraits of prominent individuals, Frank P.

Hogan , a well known farmer of Scotland township, is a son of Sydnor Scotland township, Scotland, United Kingdom - Boyle, Utah, United States - Monterville, United States - It all started here : the Mahurin family Locust, United States - Some descendants of William Hamm from Germany He was the son of William M. Kenny died in Killeen, Bell Co.

Killeen, United States - Sally Hogan , the daughter of Enoch and Wanganui, Manawatu Wanganui, New Zealand - Readfield, New Hampshire, United States - Cincinnati, United States - Go further Think about searching the collection 'Other documents'. Think about searching the collection 'Magazines'. Think about searching the collection 'Obituaries'. We can't find any more results to your search. Search Filters. Collection Newspapers , Books 99, Obituaries 9, Magazines 1, Other documents 1.

Access rights Don't show Premium entries. From then on, they started seeing each other almost everyday. Six months later, Colleen's lease in Lynchburg was up and Seth was finishing up his "shop-house".

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They moved in together December and made their little house in the country, a loving home. Seth and Colleen had been planning on hiking The Peaks of Otter, since they met. You can see these Blueridge Mountains from almost everywhere in Bedford County and are a symbol of the area. Every time Seth and Colleen had planned to go it had rained, someone asked Seth to help them fix something, they had to work, or it was too hot.

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There was always a reason not too. On May 12th, they woke up early and decided to just do it. Colleen wanted to sleep in, since she had to go to work later in the day.

But Seth persisted. The day was somewhat foggy but Seth insured that the clouds would part by the time they got to the top. After a tough hour, they made it to the top.

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They enjoyed the view, rested and took pictures. Thirty minutes later, Colleen was ready to head back down. Seth was piddling around and "dilly-dallying" around in the cabin that is up there. Colleen went to hug him since it is a very romantic spot, and his heart was beating like million miles a minute. Colleen then knew what was about to happen! He got down on one knee and pulled out Colleen's grandmothers ring and said, "This has been the best year of my entire life and I want it to continue for the rest of my life, Will You Marry Me?

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Colleen bursted in to tears and said, "Are You Sure? As they headed down the mountain they recapped the special moment over and over and both could not stop smiling from ear to ear knowing they get to spend the rest of their lives together. Seth is honestly the most genuine, caring, selfless, person I have ever met. I didn't think men like Seth even existed a year ago. Seth would give his shirt off his back to anyone in need.

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Whenever someone calls he is always there for them no matter what they need. He sacrifices everything to help others. He is always thinking about others before himself. It doesn't matter who, family, friends or just strangers. He can do literally anything he sets his mind to. He built our whole house from ground up.

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Him and his brothers did all the framing, plumbing, electric, dry wall, flooring, and everything else involved in building a house. It was a lot of work for him especially after working all day.

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Our house may be small and look like just a workshop from the outside, but the inside is cozy and homey and filled with so much love and happiness. And we have so much land to hunt, explore, and enjoy the outdoors, which makes our home even more perfect for us!

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He is so talented working with his hands. Creating anything and everything he wants or needs. His job is extremely hard on his body, it is laborious work and he continues to come home everyday and do more work. He never stops working on something. I am sure his body aches and he is tired, but never ONCE have I ever heard him complain about anything. He would do anything to make me happy. Anything I ask, he does it right away with no questions asked.