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Our form takes only moments to complete. If there is a potential match you'll know immediately. Also view close results to find other family members. Found my match Customer service on here is second to none! I had 5 possible matches. He has lived within 40 miles since the adoption.

I recommend this site wholeheartedly. How wonderful and how quick. And to think I almost gave up. Stick with it! We are so happy! These past few days have been the best ever.

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This has been the most remarkable experience! I actually found my son within 24 hours of my registering on the website! They found my daughter after giving her up 57 years ago and oh how wonderful it is! I have wanted to find her for years but was afraid to as of being rejected. Less than 72 hours after joining Adopted. Found out that I have three aunts and an uncle aside from my birth mother. Also have cousins. Often adopted people can find the whole business of tracking down their birth parents very distressing. Similarly, the adoption papers themselves can sometimes contain upsetting revelations.

Because of this it is best to seek advice and counselling before beginning such a search.

If you are starting from scratch, the best first step is to identify the agency that arranged the adoption. The following services offer counselling and advice:. Records of adoptions in sheriff courts are generally kept in the local courthouse for up to 25 years after the process closed. All of these court records will eventually transfer to the National Records of Scotland and become available in our adoptions unit. As a general rule, if an adoption took place less than 25 years ago, you should contact the court to confirm where the records are held.

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Inevitably, however, from the many thousands of processes, a few are missing. This is one reason that it is worthwhile contacting us or the court before you visit. Adoption processes are among the most confidential records we and the courts hold.

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They are closed to general public access for years. This means that our staff are forbidden to examine them. Each process is individually sealed and the indexes themselves are restricted.

Finding information on past adoptions

The processes may, however, be opened to access in the following circumstances:. Once it has been examined, the packet of process papers is resealed in the presence of the person who has read them. All enquiries are kept confidential. To locate an adoption we need to know the adopted person's adoption name, the date of adoption and the court that dealt with the adoption.

Then we can advise whether the record is held here or in a local court. If you want to see your adoption papers please do not visit us without notice.

Individuals adopted abroad or parents of origin of a child who was adopted abroad

Contact us in advance so that we can ensure that your visit is not wasted. The advance notice will allow us to check that we do in fact have the appropriate records. We can then have them out waiting for your arrival. It will avoid you having to sit waiting while we work through the indexes. We can only provide copies of a process for the personal use of the adoptee or their nominated representative if the adoptee attends in person. These copies will be made in their presence. With the exception of a court order, there are no circumstances in which we will provide copies to anyone else.

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Any other information depends on what the birth parents revealed. As they were under no obligation to reveal any information whatsoever, some adoption processes contain minimal information and sometimes nothing. People examining their adoption process should be prepared both for this and for the possibility that the papers may reveal other distressing information.