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Clair, Alabama St. Francis, Arkansas St. Francois, Missouri St. James, Louisiana St.

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Landry, Louisiana St. Louis, Missouri St. Martin, Louisiana St. Martin Parish, Louisiana St. Mary, Louisiana Ste. Francis, Arkansas , Pulaski; St. Clair, Alabama , St. Francis, Arkansas , St. Francis, Arkansas Colts, St. Bernard; St. Charles; St. Helena; St. James; St.

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John the Baptist; St. Landry; St.

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Martin; St. Mary; St. Landry, Louisiana Opelousas, St. Francis, Arkansas Rawlinson, St. Public school quarterly and monthly attendance reports, Reports concerning examinations and promotions, Samples of examination papers, , , School calendars, Educational survey forms, Reports of school social workers, Case records concerning the traveling mental health clinic, Records relating to summer education programs, Maps 13 items : Unnumbered maps accumulated by the division, Indians suffering from various illnesses, ca. Lantern Slides images : Preservation and treatment programs for diseases prevalent among American Indians, ca.

Textual Records: Reports concerning graduates of Indian schools, Records concerning former students, Reports of industrial surveys, Textual Records: Record of arrests, Correspondence of the Chief Special Officer relating to peyote, Weekly narrative reports of special officers and deputies, Reports of liquor seizure on reservations, Registers of personnel actions, Cashbook, Record of receipts and disbursements of funds, Records relating to law enforcement, Case reports, Records of the Chief Special Officer, consisting of general correspondence, ; and correspondence with special officers, History: Established in the Office of Education, Department of the Interior, pursuant to provisions of the act of May 17, 23 Stat.

First agent appointed April 11, Responsibilities expanded to include medical services, Reindeer Service established, , to administer reindeer herds introduced beginning in Textual Records: Letters sent, , and letters and telegrams sent, General correspondence, , with indexes, Correspondence concerning the Metlakahtla controversy, Correspondence and other records concerning administration and liquidation of the Alaska trust fund, Textual Records: Budget estimates and related working papers, Journal of reindeer fund receipts and expenditures, Accounting ledgers showing appropriations, authorizations, and expenditures, Contracts for the care, herding, or use of reindeer, Contracts and related records concerning construction of federal buildings in Alaska, Textual Records: Annual report forms on herds, herders, apprentices, and owners of reindeer, Statistical charts on the operation of native schools, Graph and statistical tables on school and medical services of the Alaska Division, Annual, , and quarterly, , school reports.

Community activity reports, Newspaper clippings relating to many different aspects of Alaska, especially the importation of reindeer, Executive orders concerning land in Alaska, File of Sheldon Jackson on Alaskan school matters, 89 in Anchorage. Photographic Prints and Negatives images : Activities of the School, Medical, and Reindeer Services; school construction, classroom teaching, health and recreational programs, and Indian and Eskimo folkways in Alaska; reindeer roundups and other aspects of native life; and Russian officials and historical monuments in Siberia, AE.

Textual Records: Register of letters received by the Secretary of War concerning Indian finances, Abstracts of reports, , Reference book concerning policies and procedures, Records concerning investigations, ca.

Bentley, Journal, Appropriation ledgers, General appropriation ledgers, Summary ledger for reimbursable appropriations, Appropriation ledgers for expenditures for field work, Apportionment ledgers, General appropriation liability ledger, Liability registers, Expense and income ledger, Cost ledgers, Analyses of appropriations, statements of expenditures, and summaries of expenditures, Record of requisitions, Payrolls, Statements of funds remitted, , , , Tabular statements of funds remitted to field officials, Appropriation warrants, Accounts of central office disbursing agents, Canceled checks, , 42, Estimates of funds needed, Register of accounts and claims received, Abstracts of accounts of superintendents and agents, Schedules of receipts and disbursements at agencies, Statements of public funds, Registers of accounts received from disbursing officers, Statements of accounts of disbursing officers, Superintendency and agency accounts, Property book, Letters sent from warehouses, , , Record of public property purchased for agencies, Contracts and bonds, Contract stub books, Registers of contracts, , with indexes, Contracts and bonds for goods and services, Registers of open market purchases, Records of special accounts, Index of claims, ; records concerning claims, ; and traders' claims, ca.

Schedules of traders' accounts, Receipts for Sioux depredation claims payments, Photostatic copies of accounts of Mansfield, McMurray, and Cornish law firm, Credit reports and related records of the Division of Credit and Financing. Field committee regional reports and related records, Textual Records: Letters received, Indexes to names of claimants, n. Applications, Stevens, , with index to Stevens report. Textual Records: Annuity payment rolls, Cherokee freedmen payment roll, , with indexes. Exhibits for Cherokee freedmen payment rolls, Old Settler Cherokee census roll, , with index, Cherokee warrant payment rolls, , Roll of Creek orphans and lists of payments to be made, Records concerning payments to Citizen Potawatomi, Receipts for payments to Potawatomi, Ledger for per capita payments to Wisconsin Band of Potawatomi, List of Sioux scouts and soldiers and heirs, Recapitulations of accounts of individual Indian money IIM , Record of collections for Five Civilized Tribes, Ledger for tribal moneys, Land sale orders for Five Civilized Tribes, Ledgers for depositories of funds of Five Civilized Tribes, Textual Records: Letters sent concerning Indian trust funds, , Journals and ledgers for Indian trust funds, Ledgers for trust funds of Chickasaw incompetents and minors, Record of stock holdings, ca.

Statements concerning interest payments, Statements concerning trust funds, ca. Records relating to individual securities, Printouts relating to trust fund accounts, and Textual Records: Ledger for Centennial Exhibition, Bills of lading and invoices for goods purchased by traders in Indian Territory, Journal of the Ute Indian Commission, Records concerning fulfillment of treaties with Sioux Indians, ca.

Schedules, ca. Miscellaneous records concerning finances, ca. Account book of Azel Abel, ca. Textual Records: Relocatee case files , , employment assistance case files, and , and reports on employment assistance, , of the Chicago, IL, Field Employment Assistance Office, in Chicago. Central subject files, , employment assistance case files, , and individual unit ledger cards, , of the Los Angeles, CA, Field Employment Assistance Office in Los Angeles. Indian wills, Reports of examiners of inheritance, Statistical tables and reference notes concerning probate work, Opinions of the Attorney General, Court decisions, Decisions and opinions of the Comptroller and other officials, Acts of Congress, Reference material concerning appropriations, Probate books of the Five Civilized Tribes, Textual Records: Population figures, Census rolls, Abstracts of farming reports, Memorials of New Mexico legislature, Certificates for Sioux chiefs, Proceedings of special commission to visit Indians in the vicinity of Fort Phil Kearney, Records concerning an investigation of the Fort Phil Kearney or Fetterman massacre, Schedules of Indians, soldiers, and citizens killed or captured, Correspondence concerning the White River Agency, Correspondence relating to the Ute Commission, Records relating to Civil War claims of loyal Indians, Textual Records: Register of incoming correspondence, Index to letters sent, Index to reports, Copy of report to Secretary of the Interior, Registers of depredation claims, ca.

Docket books, Evidence concerning depredation claims, ca. Miscellaneous records concerning depredation claims, Records relating to claims for depredations by Sioux Indians in Minnesota, Schedules and abstracts of depredation claims, Schedules of depredation claims against Sioux and Chippewa of the Mississippi, Textual Records: Physicians' annual and semiannual reports, Hospital reports, Physicians' reports of domiciliary patients and out-patients, Trachoma reports, Reports of special physicians, ; field dentists, ; field nurses, ; and field matrons, Forms for Fort Totten sanitation survey, Forms for Potawatomi Indian health survey, ca.

Forms for Zuni health survey, Textual Records: Annual reports of the director, Reports and related correspondence, Annual reports and work programs, Weekly reports of home extension agents, Monthly statistical and narrative reports, Records relating to social and economic survey, Records relating to land use survey, Records concerning noxious weed survey, , Records concerning Alaska reindeer service, , Maps 7 items : Unnumbered maps accumulated by the division, Textual Records: Traders' licenses, ; and records relating to traders' licenses, including letters received, , ; applications, ; a register, , ; and rosters, Textual Records: Special agent files, Office file of Chief Supervisor Ernest P.


Holcombe, Inspectors' reports, with abstracts, Letters sent by Inspector William J. McConnell, Inspection reports, District agent files, Abstracts of recommendations made in inspection reports and of actions taken, Transcripts of proceedings of supervisors' conference, Textual Records: Office records of statisticians, Records concerning reports and statistical information, Correspondence concerning reports, Superintendents' annual narrative reports, Superintendents' annual statistical reports, Notations of errors in annual statistical reports, Reports and other records, Census rolls and supplements, Tables, Newspaper clippings relating mainly to Indian population, Miscellaneous population and education census rolls, Maps 14 items : Unnumbered maps and charts accumulated by the division, Textual Records: Registers of applications and recommendations for appointments, Bonds, Commissions, Approvals of appointments, Registers of appointments, transfers, and reinstatements in the school services, Rosters of field employees, ; superintendents and agents, ; field officials, ; agency employees, , with indexes, ; school employees, ; school employees in Indian Territory, ; Indian police, ; employees on the Commission to the Five Civilized Tribes, ; and irrigation and allotment employees, Lists of authorized agency employees, , Personnel organization salary lists, Orders concerning changes in positions, Memorandums concerning allocation of positions, Correspondence concerning field personnel, , School personnel rating books, School employee efficiency ratings, , with index.

Textual Records: Congressional reports and documents, Correspondence and clippings concerning memorials, ca. Newspaper clippings, , , ca. Publications file, Architectural and Engineering Plans items : Plans of Indian schools, bridges on reservations, and other structures, Textual Records: General records, Records concerning enrollee program, Special files, Narrative and pictorial reports, Records relating to the magazine Indians at Work, Maps 23 items : Manuscript, annotated, and published maps or photoprocessed copies of maps prepared by division, Project records, Program proposal data, Analyses of rehabilitation program, Pictorial reports, General records concerning Indian organization, ca.

Correspondence with officials, Questionnaires concerning tribal organization in Alaska, Transcripts of investigative hearings held by the House Committee on Indian Affairs or its subcommittees, Operating statements of the Division of Financial Management, Division of Management Research and Evaluation administrative files, reports, and related records, , Management Research Staff administrative subject files, BIA organization charts and functional statements, , correspondence and related records, , and records relating to the Indian Affairs administrative manual, Textual Records: Records of the Division of Tribal Government Services, consisting of minutes and resolutions of tribal council meetings, ; and Tribal Relations Branch records relating to the Osage poll, Branch of Welfare administrative office files, , welfare and other social services reports and related records, , miscellaneous subject files, , central files, , monthly statistical reports, , and social services progress reports, , of the Division of Social Services.

Textual Records: Subject file, Reservation planning reports, Title X project records of the Job Opportunities Program, Adult vocational training and direct employment records of the Division of Job Placement and Training, Highway project files of the Division of Transportation, Textual Records: Chronological correspondence, March-December Annual reports of the Forestry Branch, , Appraisal reports of the Real Estate Services Branch, Records of the Rights Protection Staff relating to fishing rights, Maps items : Published, annotated, photoprocessed, and manuscript maps of Indian lands and reservations, showing different types of roads and proposed road construction, Textual Records: Records of Klamath tribal operations, Monthly tribal operations reports, Correspondence, Maps 17 items : Published maps accumulated by the branch, Textual Records: Correspondence, accounts, and other records, Registers of letters received, Letter book of Charles D.


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Poston, Letters sent, , with index, Textual Records: Correspondence, accounts, reports, and other records, Registers of correspondence with the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, ; letters received from the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, ; and letters and endorsements sent to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Letters sent to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, ; agents, , , ; and various persons, , Statements of funds received and other statements, Statements and ledger of receipts and disbursements, Abstracts of disbursements, Statements of account current, ; and account current and property returns, Property returns, Letters sent by the Disbursing Agent at St.

Louis, Letters sent, , Letters sent, Register of letters received, Textual Records: Correspondence of the Michigan Superintendency, consisting of letters sent and received, ; letters sent, ; and letters received, Correspondence and accounts, Letters sent, , , Letters sent and received by the Sault Ste. Marie Agency, ; and letters sent and received, accounts, and other records of the Sault Ste.

Marie Subagency, Ledger of Mrs. Susan Johnston, Indian trader, Letters sent, , , , and received, , , by the Mackinac Agency. Letters sent, , and received, , by the Michigan Superintendency and Mackinac Agency. Financial, statistical, and other records, School reports, , , Ledgers, , Letters sent by the Principal Disbursing Agent at Detroit, Textual Records: Letters sent and received, Accounts and other records, Other records, Statistical and financial records, Ledger of receipts and disbursements, Textual Records: Journal, , Letters sent, , and received, Financial and other records, Documents in Spanish, Letters received from Christopher Kit Carson, Data book, Ledger, , Cashbook and endorsements, , Journal for cash paid to agents, Ledger for cash paid to agents, Ledger of superintendency and Southern Apache Agency, , Letters sent by the Cimarron Agency, Records of Army Subsistence Agent at Cibolletta, Textual Records: Letters sent, , , with registers, Letters sent to the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, ; and to agents and other persons, Statements of letters sent to and received from the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, Letters received from the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, ; and from agents and other persons, Correspondence, accounts, and other records, Miscellaneous accounting records, Statements of receipts and disbursements and abstracts of disbursements, Letters sent by the Winnebago Agency, , , , 62, , Textual Records: Letters sent, , and received, , with registers and indexes, Reports and instructions, Records concerning negotiation of treaties, Record book concerning the Rogue River Commission, Accounts, Daybook, Ledger of agents' accounts, Record of vouchers, Contracts, Bonds of agents, Letters received by persons other than the superintendent, 73; James B.

Ledger from the Warm Springs Reservation, Miscellaneous records, ca. Correspondence with the Wichita Agency, Correspondence and other records of the Cherokee Agency, Confederate records, including correspondence of the Arkansas Superintendency and the Wichita Agency, ; and accounts and other records, Textual Records: Letters sent, , with index, Letters received from the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, 62, ; local jurisdictions, ; and various persons, Letters received, reports, accounts, and other records, Proceedings of Treaty Commission, Accounts, , Statements of funds remitted, Textual Records: Letters sent to Washington officials, ; and agents and others, Reports of agents, Learn more Close.

Sign In Sign Up. Home Page. List of Last Names Advanced Search. John Caspar Thielen. Name Source: Ancestry. NARA microfilm publication T, rolls. Records of the Bureau of the Census, Record Group National Archives, Washington, D. Note: Enumeration Districts are on roll Chicago City. Database online. Ohio Marriages.

Kentucky Marriages. Record for John C. Find A Grave. Original data: Family Tree files submitted by Ancestry members.